A strange book found in Millhaven; whilst this book is in one's possession any nails fired will have a enchanted aura, bypassing paranormal defenses. Wherether the cross indicates the book is Christian in mythology or not is unknown, but the book undeniably has a paranormal aura to it.


The Book of Nails is found in Millhaven; upon reaching the Library, jump onto it's second balcony and then onto the roof. Behind the building is a path by the side of a forest; follow it round to the right until you see a cultist's body. The Book is located there alonside some Tri-rocket launcher ammunition.


This artifact enchants any nails fired by a character to deal normal damage against Supernatural enemies; whilst no extra damage is done, the enemy will still receive full damage from the enchanted nails rather than 1/2 of a normal attack. This also covers Flechete shells as well, making them useful against both armour and super-natural enemies.

This artifact benefits Rusty Nails at the moment since the Nail-Rifle is part of his normal loadout, however if equipped with the Nail Gun or Flechete Shells it can be effective in any character's hands.

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