An enchanted pair of boots found in Millhaven; this footwear reduces the wearer's momentum while sprinting, making it possible to turn much faster while moving at high speeds. It's recommended to give this to a melee specialists who could use the ability to turn quickly whilst sprinting.


Lightstep cave

The Boots of Lightstep are found in Millhaven; in a cave near the starting area. This cave can be reached either by climbing up the small ledge near the statue around the starting area and then jumping across, or by climbing the opposite side latter in the level and jumping across. Both jumps will take some health away; inside the cave is a Megasphere, a spirit, and the Boots.


The boots are a useful item. When sprinting you normally turn much slower due to the increased speed; this Boots remove the slower turning speed allowing you to turn at the same rate as your normal movement speed.

This item is best suited to Merlijn Oostrum; as a melee user being able to turn very quickly and move fastly is ideal in order to attack enemies quickly.

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