Weapon Information
Brain Trap


Brain Trap

Gun Type

Slot 8 Proximity trap

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

5 x 20 + Explosive damage

Belongs to

Rusty Nails

Brain Trap

An insidious weapon of unknown origin, the Brain trap will stick to any surface it's thrown at and then lie in wait. When an enemy comes into range, the Trap will attempt to stick to it's head and drill through the target's skull, dealing incredible damage before exploding.


The Brain trap is a great weapon that can deal with the vast majority of enemies easily. When stuck to an enemy, the trap will keep drilling for 5 damage up to a total of 20 times. After this amount the trap explodes, more likely than not finishing the enemy off as well as damaging any around it. If the target dies before the Bomb's charge is up than it will still explode.

The Trap Bomb works against all enemy types, making it great for covering an area behind you against hidden attacks.


There are no upgrades for the Brain trap.

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