Duke Nukem faces the Cycloid Emperor.

The Cycloids are a vicious race of Aliens that have invaded Earth several times; Duke Nukem has been the one to fight them off the most however other people such as Zaxtor Znort have also had the 'honour' of fighting them. Very very little is known about them beyond their violent nature. Due to Duke Nukem's fighting style there's not been much left for Scientists to study, so the only possible way to gain knowledge about them is through sheer conjecture.

Firstly, part of their DNA appears to be very similar to lizards; many creatures pose lizard like traits such as tails and reptile skin (Although thankfully they seem to have no regenerative capabilities) How they are born is a mystery; the Alien Queen gives birth to Protector drones but said creatures have no real similarities to the Cycloids. It's possible that the Emperor is what a real Cycloid is and the rest of the army is made up of enslaved or genetically engineered creatures.

Every one of their invasion plans involved abducting women; only women seem to be targetted and the men are slaughtered. When Duke Nukem first fought the Cycloids medical technology was insufficient at the time to save the unfortunate abductees, however recent developments allow captured civilians to be saved. EAF scientists theorise that Octabrains are responsible for the synthesis of the strange green slime found around the alien bases, however this has not yet been conclusively proven.

Their homeplanet is not known as they have occupied many; however planet X64-2 is the best candidate for a possible location. Duke Nukem has visited this planet several times and encountered heavy alien activity on all occasions.

The Cycloids launch an attack against an EAF base doing research on Octabrains; wherether to rescue their comrades or not is unknown as all aliens were defeated on site and no prisoners could be taken. Upon exploring the base the AMC squad came across research documents and scientists talking about Octabrain's psychic abilities, and research into a Precognition system. As of know it's unknown if the aliens will return or if they managed to seize any of the research for themselves.

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