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Doom disco

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Main enemies fought

Abyssal Forces

Number of secrets



James Stanfield

Mission informationEdit

The team stumble into a strange demonic....nightclub, of all places.



Doom Disco is a tiny secret level. At the start of the level you're given a bunch of equipment, and there are AMC and EDF soldiers to help out with the fight as well. Once outside, the turret is the best bet to take out all of the enemies - behind the black wall at the end is a Cyberdemon which although slightly more challenging, is still easy to take down with all the space you have at your disposal. The exit switch will take you to The Abyss.



The map is inspired by the secret Club Doom level in the PSX version of Doom (and also uses the same soundtrack) It was made as a fun gimmick map rather than a serious level, but it's a good place to earn a bunch of credits for when you return to the AMC base however.

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