The EAF is considered the EDF's offensive counter-part, although no actual official link exists between the two. Originally formed in France by Colonel George W. Bernard of the French Defence Force, many countries unhappy with EDF mandates contributed funds (Japan, Russia and Australia being prime examples) to the EAF, allowing it to grow in size comparable to the EDF. The EAF's main goal is researching and gathering information, and then performing pre-emptive strikes on targets that are considered dangerous to Earth (The EDF, by comparison, instead fortify Earth's defences in anticipation of attack)

The EAF is far more controversial than the EDF, and public opinion varies greatly from one person to the next. Wherether the EAF can prove that a race is truly hostile or not is subject of much debate; pre-emptive attacks on Pitfiend and Cycloid bases have been hailed as successes, but many countries feel that this will in turn just provoke more acts of vengence in the future. The EAF has also interferred with politics on Earth, although only on very rare occasions. This has gained as much criticism from EDF supporters as it has support from EDF critics.

The EAF has assisted the AMC Squad by a considerable amount; donating weapons and body-armour to AMC squad personel. Many of the scientists and soldiers working for the AMC Squad were also recommended by the EAF. EAF higher ups have been quoted as saying that a smaller, highly advanced task-force will be able to pinpoint serious threats much more efficiently than the EAF itself. EDF officials have responded by saying that funding paramilitary groups is a slippery slope.

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