The EDF is a global security force formed by the UN after an undisclosed extra-terrestrial threat in the 1980s. During the EDF war in the 90s their prominance in the global spotlight grew and enabled them to expand their capabilities vastly, even setting up forward bases on the Moon and Mars. The World Government during the Pitfiend Crisis tried to destroy EDF's chain of command, but it stood steadfast against any attacks against it.

Popular opinion of the EDF is high; with it's aim to protect Earth from outer threats the number 1 priority many people's cynacism towards many powerful armed forces was slightly lifted. However, much like it's parent the UN, it has received criticism for not levelling it's vast power towards protecting Earth's inhabitants from each other. Many 3rd world countries still chafe under various warlords and despots; despite many mandates stating that the EDF should not interfere with politics on Earth there is still call from certain political groups that during peacetime the EDF's resources could be put to better use than watching the skies for threats that may neverr return

The AMC Squad and the EDF are closely linked, if only due to several AMC Squad members having previously held prominant positions in the organisation; James as a field agent and Highwire as a commander. Despite this the EDF has only given minimal support to the AMC Squad, with higher ups feeling that the AMC Squad is slightly redundant in the face of the EDF's huge array of personel, equipment and funding. Several EDF soldiers and scientists left to join the AMC Squad however, stating personal reasons ("I want to work in a smaller more personel company", one scientist was quoted to say) as their main reason.

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