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Flechete Shells


EDF Flechete Shells

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Flechete shotgun shells; fires a burst of armour piercing flechetes. Compatible with all shotguns that can accept alternate-ammo.

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Flechete shells are first located whilst completing the AMC Training course, and can be found in Dis Base, through a Time portal. They can also be aquired in Providence, most notably hidden in a Jar in the Clock Tower's entrance room.


Flechete Shells fire a burst of 7 nails (14 damage + up to 5 damage randomly each) Although more damaging than a normal shotgun blast, the Flechetes deal double damage against Armoured enemies making it an incredibly effective weapon to use against them.

The Flechetes fired by this are also effected by the Book of Nails artifact, making them twice as effective against super-natural enemies as well.


Once researched, Flechete shells can be allocated to any character.

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