Weapon Information


Flip High Explosive Grenades

Gun Type

Slot 5 Thrown Weapon

Firing type

Explosive, Projectile



Mag Capacity


Damage Level

200, radius damage

Belongs to

James Stanfield


A powerful hand-held explosive device; once flipped the Grenade will detonate on impact. It's very dangerous to the user due to this as it will explode no matter what distance thrown, but this also can be considered an advantage as the user does not have to compensate for bounce. James uses the Flip-HE grenades throughout both IW and AMC TC

Imagination World Edit

The HE Grenade functions the same between IW and AMC-TC, except in AMC-TC it can be thrown further.



They explode on contact with anything so make sure not to throw it aanything that's very close by as the damage can easily kill you even if you're at full health. This does mean, however, you can use it for long distance throwing: enemies are less able to avoid it as it explodes on contact, and less adjustment has to be done for bouncing and time delay.

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