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For Providence

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Cultist forces

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James Stanfield

Mission informationEdit

James and Sang investigate a small village taken over by a cult in the mountains of Providence.


To be finished


The majority of enemies you'll be fighting in this map are Cultists as well as some supernatural enemies, so it would be a good idea to bring a long-distance weapon as well as perhaps body armour. There are weapons and ammo effective against supernatural enemies throughout the level - however Sang fights the majority of them and there's plenty of Tommy guns + Silver ammo around the level.

Sang loses his weapons after meeting Lilith - it would be good practice to drop your temporary weapon before entering if you're fond of it and don't want to lose it. When you re-enter the room later, her diary is on the table - you can read this which will change conversations and what you can do in the boss fight.

Outside the Church is a Tomb - if you explore this dark area you'll find a cog (picking this up will cause a Lost spirit to appear back in the entrance area so either exit quickly or make sure you have a weapon capable of killing supernatural enemies) Once you exit the church and slide down into the Monastery area you'll find a small room with 2 slots for cogs. If you activate the Prison cog it'll open a door only Sang can reach containing Heavy armour, a Riotgun and Tesla ammo. Activing the Mine cog will open a different door in the mines. Both characters can grab the second one, but you may find the supplies useful when regaining control of Sang after he is captured.

There's also 2 locked rooms in the Mines, one a steel cage door containing a slot 3 weapon and ammo or a wooden door containing a slot 2 weapon and ammo. There are keys to unlock both doors (one in the staff room further in the mine, and one in the little office in the hidden area behind Lilith's room) It's your choice which door to open with which character.

Inside the main mining and smelting area, there are 2 cargo carts you can actually enter which contain weapons and ammunition. The Power suit you fight later is weak against armour-piercing attacks, such as flechette shells. There's also a missile launcher in the same room which is effective.

When you fight the Entity, there are several ways to beat him. The easy way is to kill the 4 cultists and than kill Lilith - this will knock a chunk of it's health away (however naturally this means Lilith won't survive the episode) Alternatively you can do the same and then hit her with an MIA blast - although this necessitates taking an MIA gun with you, it both saves her and damages the creature a lot. If you want to try and save her, it would be a good idea to just kill 3 of the 4 cultists as her forcefield rendering her invincible will remain meaning you won't accidentally hit her. On the roof of the room are Stalactites you can shoot down which will damage the entity - if you can climb up the ropes to the little rooms at each corner of the area, you can kick the boulders and send them rolling towards the boss also dealing damage.


There are 4 secrets in For Providence.


To the North West of the Church is a small pond with a crack in the ice you can swim into. At the center is a small dip with a crack you can blow up with an explosive - swimming down and then forward towards the blue light reveals a small area with a shotgun, some ammo, and Sang's Ice-ball Spell.


When you enter the Monastery area, you can jump out the windows and walk on the cliff edge (in front of the glass window) Walk towards the bell tower, on the back of it is a small ledge with a super armour on it.


In the locked industrial area opposite the Church's entrance, there's a crate sat in front of the door. You can jump into it and find a Sawn-off and some cash for the base budget.


Inside the mine and the crashed plane room, you can jump onto the roof of the plane and than walk behind the tail part to reveal a drum of Silver ammo.

Items of interestEdit

In the small shop to the left of the Bell-tower you can find a golden lighter in the basement - an artifact which enchants Rusty's dynamite to damage supernatural enemies. The house to the left of this building has some explosive shells. The vases by the right of the door in the Bell-tower contain 2 boxes of Flechette shells as well.


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