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Originally a Graphics designer, Geoffrey was hired by a mysterious client to help create a new logo - however this client turned out to be a facist state. After the war, Geoffrey's name was discovered in documents and was accused of being a collaborator. He was forced to flee and live as an outlaw on Mars. Eventually he was approached by James, and originally declined until offered the chance to clear his name from any association with the facist state. Geoffrey gained many new and deadly skills whilst on the run; learning all he could from the few friends he could trust, he became a tough and ruthless fighter utilising the weapons of the Mars Defence Force. The harsh Martian atmosphere forced Geoffrey to visit illegal aug clinics, giving him a slight health boost over the majority of people.

Originally from Holland, when he had to leave his peaceful life behind Mars became his symbolic birthplace; when the word home is mentioned Geoffrey thinks not of Europe but of Mars.


  1. MDF Pistol
  2. MDF Shotgun
  3. G-SMG
  4. Rotary Grenade Launcher
  5. Disc Bomb
  6. MDF Railgun
  7. G-MeltaRifle
  8. Disc Mine
  9. ShockRifle

Geoffrey's Weapons
MDF Pistol · Golden MagShot · MDF Shotgun · Plasma Shotgun · Gold Shotgun · G-SMG · AP SMG · Rotary Grenade Launcher · Disc Bomb · MDF Railgun · G-Melta Gun · Disc Mine · Shockrifle
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