Weapon Information
Gold Dagger



Weapon Type

Slot 1 Dagger

Firing type




Damage Level

30 + up to 15 randomly

Belongs to

Merlijn Oostrum

Gold Dagger

A Golden dagger, not hugely damaging but effective against super-natural AND armoured enemies alike.


The Gold Dagger can be purchased from the Shopkeeper for 50k base budget once Expert mode has been beaten and the Gold expert achievement unlocked.

Gameplay Edit

The Golden Dagger functions the same as the regular Dagger. Its small weight and frame allows for very quick stabbing of enemies. Paired with the [Boots that improve speed], this allows Merlijin to close in one enemies and quickly dispatch them. This is especially useful with an intact shield, as ranged enemies will be unable to do damage.

It can still be thrown like the basic dagger, and its effectiveness against all armor types makes this a good way to safely take out Lost Souls and Pig Cops.


The Gold Dagger has no upgrades.

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