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James Stanfield


United Kingdom

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Time Portals usage


Agent Stanfield has been with the AMC Squad since it's very inception. After defeating the rogue world government and averting a potential apocalypse at the hands of a covert paramilitary group, James began recruiting more AMC field agents across the globe to prevent any further disasters. Since then he and the AMC squad have kept a tight lid on incidents the EDF can't handle. Considered one of the best of the EDF, due to his fight against the world government and Majestic 12. He has never worked with Duke Nukem, but is considered more than a match for his skills. Shows excellent skill when working in teams; but the extent of his ability is never truly witnessed.

James comes from the United Kingdom, although he rarely sets foot on its soil. He mainly lives in Garmid, and owns assorted homes throughout the world. Identifies little with its culture, but will answer his country's call if need be.

James in 3.5 redux

Due to an experiment forcefully performed on him by Majestic 12, James can see and use the so-called Time Portals left behind from the Revelion incident. Their placement is random, and always arbitrary and useful. Any further side-effects of the surgery are unknown as of now.

James fought the World Government during the events of Imagination World, and defeated it's leader Tom Exerfed in their Geothermal facility. He also battled the Pitfiends during this incident, although they only maintained a token presence throughout IW.

At the finale of the Arsia Mons incident, James fought a deadly robotic enemy that utilized telekinesis called PATCOS. Despite fighting tooth and nail, PATCOS finished the fight by grabbing hold of James and tearing his right arm off, leaving him crippled and bleeding on the Mars space station. James awoke later with his wound sealed and a mysterious note, along with an empty bottle suggesting that somebody gave him some kind of formula whilst he was unconscious.

Weeks later after the incident, Micky fitted James with a bionic arm; whilst not as flexible or advanced as augmentation, it doesn't require a lifetime of immunosuppression drugs like cybernetics can do.

Weapons used in IW

  1. M1911 / Mac-10
  2. Mossberg / Jackhammer
  3. MP5SD / M4A1+M203
  4. Rocket-Grenade Launcher
  5. Flip-HE grenade
  6. XM8-Laser Rifle / Particle Cannon
  7. .357 Magnum
  8. Crossbow
  9. GDF Plasma Gun / Flamethrower

Weapons used in AMC TC

Alternate weapons



James' Guns
Imagination World M1911 · Mac-10 · Mossberg ·

Jackhammer · MP5SD · M4A1+M203 · Rocket-Grenade Launcher · Flip-HE grenade · XM8-Laser Rifle · Particle Cannon · .357 Magnum · Crossbow · GDF Plasma Gun · Flamethrower

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