Weapon Information
Laser Gun


Laser Gun

Gun Type

Temporary, Slot 0

Firing type

Energy, instant



Mag Capacity


Damage Level

75 + up to 15 randomly

Special Abilities


Laser Gun


This small hand-held Laser gun is a relatively simple variant that packs a strong punch, comparable to that of a 12-gauge shotgun blast. Accurate over long range, and has a fast rate of fire; it does very poor damage to armour however.


The Laser gun can be found in Hades Complex, one of the first levels in the Classic Collection episode, inside the storeroom.


The Laser gun fires very rapidly, has little kickback and is reasonably accurate. It deals a high amount of damage, shredding through most enemies with ease. However green lasers deal very poor damage against armour (Only 1/6th of the damage goes through) and badly against body-armour (Only 1/4 of the damage goes through) However the Green laser works against supernatural enemies, although it doesn't deal any extra damage. It can also be fired one-handed, meaning Merlijn can wield it and his shield at the same time.

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