Weapon Information



Gun Type

Slot 1 Pistol

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

15 + up to 5 randomly

Belongs to

James Stanfield

1911 1

A Semi-auto Colt .45; James used this gun throughout Imagination World. Although poor against body-armour, the .45 is still a powerful and very reliable weapon. It has an 8-round mag capacity and good accuracy.

Imagination World Edit

In Imagination World, The M1911 is James' default weapon. It fires the faster you click the fire button, and is good against the majority of enemies you fight. However against more than a couple of enemies it's small magazine becomes a bigger issue.


In AMC TC, the M1911 functions similarly to the IW version with a few improvements. If you find a second pistol you can wield both at the same time, sacrificing accuracy but gaining twice the power. Secondly, the M1911 can fire Silver Bullets since it and the Tommy Gun fire the same calibre of ammunition. This makes it a good weapon to use against supernatural enemies if you don't want to use the Tommy Gun itself. It performs poorly against body-armour and armoured enemies however; aim for the head if you're fighting the former and use another weapon against the latter.


You can gain the M1911 for use in the AMC TC by beating Episode 4 of Imagination World and choosing the good ending. This will create a file called iw_complete.amctc in the IW directory; dropping this into the AMC TC's data folder will unlock this gun and the Jackhammer for selection in the loadout screen.


There are no upgrades for the M1911.

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