Weapon Information


Missing in Action Gun

Gun Type

Temporary, Slot 0

Firing type

Energy, Projectile



Mag Capacity


Damage Level


Special Abilities

Gain research

Research Information


Missing in Action Gun

Research Type


Tech Level needed


Research Cost




Research DescriptionEdit


Temporarily displaces an enemy; can also be used to gain research data on certain specimens.

Loadout screen DescriptionEdit

This device can be used to either rescue civilians that cannot be reached, or to temporarily remove enemies from the battlefield (Certain enemies may provide us with additional research this way as well)


The MIA gun, originally developed during the 'Pray your Prayers' mission involving Duke Nukem, is a defensive weapon designed to put an enemy in stasis for a short amount of time. The original version of the gun only did this for a few seconds, but later versions can hold an enemy for much longer.


The MIA Gun's research project can be found on one of the tables in the AMC laboratory; the gun itself can also be found in the EAF Megabase in the main control room.


The MIA gun is useful for removing powerful enemies from the battlefield for a short period of time; you can use this time to mop up and defeat any weaker enemies that are around before dealing with the bigger ones. Using the gun results in a temporarily blinding flash however; use of vision goggles negates this but looking away can also work.

Use of this gun on certain enemies can result in Research projects; the Satyr for instance gives a project that helps against fire attacks.

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