MS Industries inc. is a garguantuan megacor
p run and owned by Mikko Sandt. His company has a hand in almost every single product imaginable, although it's mostly known for its fantatical cult that worships Sandt as a god, and its dimensional technology. Despite his 'death' the company still thrived whilst he underwent his rejuvination, under the rule of a cabinet of intellectuals handpicked by Mikko himself. Sandt prefers to keep his business seperate from the AMC Squad; its vast resources are unfortunately not at our disposal.

Although generally times were better, War was still raging on in many less fortunate countries, and the UN were busy keeping control of the situation. Mikko took advantage of this. His R&D department had developed many fascinating technologies; most notably dimensional portals, or gateways. There was an almost infinite amount of different dimensions to explore, and an almost infinite amount of resources and Materia as well. Mikko began developing & smuggling new weapons to various outside sources. His empire was slowly growing.

Mikko soon began to visit the dimensions his Scientists had found and created. Throughout his various adventures in these portals he had amassed a large group of followers who praised him as a god. Pictures of their great savior were hung everywhere; cults were formed & soon Mikko found he had a large group of fanatical followers who would be more than happy to die for him.

Mikko announced in a press conference that MS Corp would begin
MS 1

One of MS Corp's excavations through the Time Portals

exploring the Time Portals that had been appearing during the Revelion incident. James came across one of the excavations and was allowed passage by Mikko's elite soldiers, although he never met the leader whilst there.

MS 2

An MS Corp Les Laurentides facility.

An MS Corp facility is raided by a rival company of MS Corp; whilst the name of the company is not discovered, they are implicated in Mikko's assassination attempt and several names of collaborators are discovered.

It is also discovered through a phone call to one of Mikko's cabinet that part of Mikko's terms for joining the AMC Squad was a vial of James' blood; it is assumed that this blood is special due to the experiment that MJ12 did to him. Mikko is also quick to act on new opportunities discovered by the AMC squad; after the Ganymede mission he immediatly dispatched several MS Corp R&D teams to the remains of the facility to determine wherether entry back into the Abyss was possible.

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