Magnus Giesler was the leader of Majestic 12 during the Revelion Incident.

Magnus Giesler

Magnus first made contact with James after the EDF agent had stepped through a time portal in the Alaska labs. Initially posing as a helpful contact, Magnus quickly revealed his malicious intentions and started to taunt James through his PDU.

Discoverting documents throughout his mission, James discovered that despite appearences, Magnus was a well-loved man in Majestic 12 despite his poor organisation abilities, as well as his questionable sanity. Discussion between Magnus and his sub-ordinates revealed that he genuinely seemed to care about his employees, despite sending them to research dangerous creatures or wear unfinished armour prototypes.

James eventually met Magnus outside the MJ12 cryo-bunker, near where Revelion was due to awaken. After exchanging words the EDF agent eventually escaped the area before an EDF issued Nuclear missile hit the island. It's unknown what happened to Magnus after their confrontation; James did not report wherether he tried to take the madman into custody or simply executed him on the spot. No body was found, although due to the nature of the missile hitting the island a body being left behind seems unlikely regardless.

Whilst exploring a Majestic 12 bunker, James was lured into a trap in a secret section of the base. Magnus ordered an experiment of unknown nature to be performed on James; the results of this experiment so far allow James to use the Time Portals despite Revelion's death. Wherether it has any further effects or not is unknown.

Despite their brief time as adversaries, the struggle seems to of left a bitter mark on James; during the Providence mission he pushed to assasinate the witch leading the summoning rather than arrest her; Sang argued for taking her alive, but wherether for justice or due to more personel feelings was not known.

Magnus resurfaced on a space-station orbiting Mars (and more specifically heading towards Arsia Mons colony) After exploring the station and discovering plans for a machine called PATCOS, James encounters Magnus and his new and improved squadron of elite MJ12 soldiers.

Magnus only shared a minor breadtrail of information before sending PATCOS to attack and then subsequently injure James in a brutal fight.


It's possible to shoot Magnus during your confrontation with him in IW's last level; this closes off the bad ending. It's also possible to choose the bad ending, than attack Magnus during the epilogue to see one more conversation between the two.

If you import an IW data file into AMC TC, your decision to attack Magnus or not is reflected by a bandage on his head and some different dialogue at the end of Episode two.

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