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Micky in 3.5 redux

Agent Michael Crisp, known to his friends as Micky C, joined the AMC Squad just prior to the Cycloid Invasion of Los Angeles. To this date he is the only person to have successfully joined the team by asking, rather than being approached; considered by many to be a fine achievement. Micky started out as a research scientist at the top university of his hometown, Adelaide, working on top-secret defensive military projects. He is one of few people to have Majors in more than one field of Engineering, including mechanical, electrical, mechatronic, and civil and structural (specializing in geo-technical due his interest in the complexity of soils). Following a wide-scale Cycloid invasion of his hometown and university several years prior to joining the squad (coinciding with Duke Nukem's battles in Sydney), he single handily managed to fight them all off. The exact details of how this was achieved is unknown, as the account has been stricken from official records. What is known is that he had a specially-designed combat suit to aid in gunfights, and that he had impressive speed, strength and agility from his high-level badminton training. The eradication of the Cycloids did not go unnoticed by the EDF, and Micky was quickly adopted into their Young Star Accelerated Program, given basic combat training, and ultimately promoted to a high-level combat engineer.
Following this, Micky conducted important research for the EDF in the converted Uluru Interior base, only occasionally taking part in field missions. Despite the importance of the research, Micky grew disheartened at being stuck behind the scenes, never seeing the fruits of his labor first-hand. He also felt he could make a bigger difference by being more directly involved in crucial field missions. Using his high-level access he discovered and read up on all the missions conducted by the AMC Squad. Feeling that the Squad had the most potential for good, he arranged a meeting with James and was accepted onto the team after helping to fight off the Los Angeles Cycloid Invasion. Micky has come to be a vital member of the team, with an impressive combat ability (partly due to the enhancements of the suit) and his wide range of engineering and scientific knowledge, which has often come in handy both on the field and off; with improvements to the AMC base as well as weapons and vehicles.

Micky with no suit


Alternate Weapons



  • Unknown Corporation
  • Dumas

Micky's Weapons
Metal Storm Pistol · Gold Metal Storm Pistol · Longslide · Pulsegun · Whiplash Shotgun · Gold Energy cannon · AP-AR · AR-73 Rifle · Rocket Launcher · Remote Bombs · Auto-pulsegun · Explosive Shotgun · Meson Cannon · Nitrogen Bombs · Flamethrower
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