Mystic Library Edit

After completing For Providence, this will be unlocked for purchase. When bought, it will appear next to the Briefing Room. It is a small hallway leading to a cramped library full of tomes, scrolls, and tools of the occult. More than just a storage area, it allows for experimentation and divining. Those with an interest in the supernatural can be put to work here

Once constructed, there will be a Mystical category in the research tab. The lab can take information taken from the field in order to develop new techniques and technologies for AMC agents.

Available Projects Edit

Mystic Shield LV1: Merlijn, Sang, and Rusty Nails all passively generate up to 10 points of spirit armor when standing still.

Mystic Shield LV2: Using the arcane knowledge of captured sorcerers, meditation is used to direct focus to the spiritual. The limit is now 15 points.

Mystic Shield LV3: Lost Souls, though immaterial, have the innate ability to interact in the mortal world. Using carefully written mantras, mortals can tap into the power of the Afterlife. The limit is now 20 points.

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