New LAEdit

A Lunar Colony that the player can access at any time. It is a hub level, much like the AMC Base.

Notable People:Edit

In the main chamber, with the garden, is a library on the second floor. Talk to the owner to get some backstory and hear about a book related to the occult.

Continue to go along the walkway and take a left, you'll see a large gun store. The arms dealer who runs it is friendly, and if spoken to will give a weapons license to the arms dealer back at the AMC base unlocking some new weapons for purchase. He will also give a useful tip: There are a lot of illegal gun runners in the colonies, especially after the cycloid attacks.

Finally, there is the EDF Headquarters on the top floor. Talk to the commander, and she will mark the mission select map with optional missions to help the EDF.

Places of Note:Edit