Background Edit

The quintessential revolver of the wild west, the 1858 offers a great deal of power and, for the time, a high rate of fire. Mr. Jekyll's own revolver has been modified to accept modern cartridges, eliminating the need to hand-load rounds. Identical in stats to the basic revolver Rusty uses, except with a classic look.

Location Edit

Only available after Mr. Jekyll is killed in an honorable duel. When fighting him at the end of Millhaven, use only a single revolver and hold your fire when he is reloading. He reloads immediately after the sixth shot. Once dead, you will see the revolver appear over his body.

Gameplay Edit

Identical to the revolver. Does a lot of damage per shot and a quick reload. (I don't know if the stats are based off the base revolver or with the accurate upgrade). Has limited armor piercing ability so it is useful against pig-cops.

Can be used in close quarters to quickly get headshots on weaker enemies.

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