Revelion is a powerful extra-terrestrial being that serves as one of the main antagonists of Imagi
nation World.

A research station in Alaska discovered Revelion buried in Ice; after defrosting it the team were approached by Majestic 12 and re-located elsewhere. After studying the beast MJ12 scientists tried to combine it with the strange Time Portal anomolies that had been appearing all over the planet. Said experiment ended in disaster; although no bodies were found at the station, blood found around the area suggested the new team were killed either by Revelion or something produced by it.

After being fused with a time portal, Revelion teleported it's way to a remote island near Garmid, where it slumbered for an undetermined amount of time. During this time James was battling Majestic 12 forces and finding out more and more information about Revelion and what it exactly was. MJ12's then leader, Magnus Giesler, had realised Revelion's destructive nature and hatched an insane scheme that would see the majority of the Earth's population killed off, leaving Magnus and the rest of MJ12 to reclaim the planet after several centuries of Cryogenic sleep.

Marble temple
Due to the Time Portals, James was able to discover that Revelion would awaken in the year 2005; using a placed time portal he managed to fight through Revelion's creatures and confront Magnus in a strange white marble temple built above the MJ12 cryo-bunkers. At this point Revelion was near the crucial awakening point, however an EDF launched Nuclear missile managed to catch the creature before it awoke and destroyed it. James escaped on the MJ12-built Starship Epion with Epsilon and witnessed the explosion.

It is presumed that Revelion was completely destroyed.


It's not 100% certain wherether Revelion was tied to the Time portals; however after it's death they became unusable to the vast majority of people; so far only James can still use them due to the experiment performed on him. It is not known wherether the ability to use them is tied to Revelion's blood or genetic material; MS Corp have obtained a sample from James and are researching it.

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