Weapon Information


Riot Gun

Gun Type

Temporary, Slot 0

Firing type




Mag Capacity


Damage Level

10x7 Projectiles

Special Abilities

Alt-fire changes firemode



A 4-barrelled shotgun used by the notorius shadow warrior Lo Wang, the Riot Gun is a cumbersome weapon that has many modes of fire. It can fire 1 shell at a time or four very rapidly. It can also take Tesla ammunition, turning it into a deadly tesla gun if need be. There are rumours of other illegal mods to this gun.


The Riot Gun can be found in Millhaven, in the barracks near the Church. It can also be found in Providence, by retreiving the Cog from the Crypts and then unlocking either the Mine or the Prison storage areas.


The Riot Gun is a decent weapon that can fire either one shot at a time, or 4-blasts in rapid succession (Note that after the latter however, the gun needs to be cocked) As all shotgun weapons it's ineffective against armour, but anything else is fair game.

The Riot Gun can also take Tesla ammunition, turning it into an electric machinegun. Tesla attacks are useful against both armour AND supernatural attacks; although it deals no extra damage it doesn't suffer any damage reduction either.


Finding the Riotgun is one of the requirements towards researching the Riotgun-Minigun

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