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Rusty Nails



Personel Battle level


Paranormal Level


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Max stamina


Special Abilities

Spirit Talk



A Gunslinger originating from Sweden, no man alive knows where he got his alias from. Said to be the fastest person in the world at reloading a revolver, Rusty travelled across Earth and Mars as a vigilante, defeating Outlaws and corruption where nobody else could. It is believed that Rusty also possesses a unique gift which allows him to hear the dead, but no person to date has witnessed this ability. Medical files also indicate that Rusty has a augmented heart which allows feats of insane concentration, at the risk of it overheating and exploding. Rusty's revolver skills are unmatched in the squad, but he is equally proficient in weapons such as Swords and throwing stars. His journeys across the planet have seen him train in many different forms of combat; so many infact that it feels as if he has lived for far longer than his age would permit.

Rusty's nationality and place of birth are unknown; however it is almost certainly somewhere in Europe. Traces of his bloodline run back to England and Sweden; it seems as if his father was an Englishman of some sort. Rusty's supernatural ability is to contact the dead. His powers slowly developed over his life; originally it was barely audible whispering but eventually he could see, hear, touch and even converse with Spirits. It is unknown what sort of belief system these Spirits belong to, as every single one has refused to comment when asked about the afterlife.


  1. Revolver
  2. Auto-Shotgun
  3. FG-42
  4. Tri-Rocket Launcher
  5. Dynamite stick
  6. Remote Dart Gun
  7. Pulse-Rifle
  8. Brain-trap
  9. Nail-Rifle


Rusty Nail's Guns
Revolver · R1858 · Micro-Uzi · Golden Revolver · Auto-Shotgun · Over-under Shotgun · Gold Hand-shotgun · FG42 · M41AC · AK74+Holosight+GP25+Bayonett · Tri-Rocket Launcher · Dynamite Stick · Remote Dart Gun · Pulse-Rifle · Brain Trap · Nail-Rifle
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