Overview Edit


The version 2.0 S.M.A.R.T Suit in its holding cell at the EDF Uluru Base.

The Self-Manipulating Armour-Reinforced Tactical (S.M.A.R.T) Suit is one of the defensive military technologies developed by Micky Crisp during his time as a researcher. The suit is equipped with a neural-net processor and programmed with combat heuristics. This means the suit is a learning computer, and becomes more compatible and fine-tuned to the wearer as time progresses. The acclimatization period, which may take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years depending on the training and consistency of the wearer, is one of the barriers to viable wide-spread use.

History and Original Features Edit

The first version used in a real-life situation was during the Cycloid invasion of the University of Adelaide, where Micky had been forced to don the suit as a means of self preservation. This was version 0.7 and had the following features:

  • A unique combination of ablative and micro electric reactive armour to protect the wearer against most forms of energy, explosive, or projectile damage.
  • Carbon nano-tube actuators (artificial muscle) for enhanced speed and strength. The wearer does not become significantly stronger than the average human, however it is enough to offset the weight of the suit and any weapons and equipment being carried.
  • Gyroscopic weapon stabilization and smart-aiming. One of the more unique features of the suit is the sophisticated aiming system; once the weapon is aimed and pointed in the approximate direction the wearer is looking, the suit will automatically position the weapon so that any projectile fired would hit the target with pinpoint accuracy (excluding any inaccuracy inherent in the weapon's design). Achieved through sophisticated spacial-mapping algorithms and sensors. 
  • Automated adrenaline administration for especially tense circumstances. Reported by some to result in a temporary slow-motion effect.

The next version of the suit (v1.0), was primarily a polished version of the 0.7 model with no significant changes. Understandable since the 0.7 model performed admirably against the Cycloids.

Current Version and Additional Features Edit

The next-gen version of the suit (v2.0) is what Micky currently uses for his missions with the AMC Squad. He opted for a modular design focusing on sleekness and efficiency for the core suit, but with a large potential for specialized modules to be installed should the situation require it. Modules include:

  • Thicker armour variants for combat-heavy situations.
  • Specialized armour, such as those against heat and spirit-damage.
  • Breathing apparatus, for respiration underwater or in a vacuum.
  • Jetpack, should short-term flight be required.
  • Night vision for dark areas.
  • Specialized fuel cells for a temporary speed boost.

Current Status and Future Plans Edit

As of the 2.0 version, Micky has put development of the suit on hiatus in order to focus his time and energy on the AMC Squad. It should be noted that one of the reasons that Micky is reluctant to mass-produce the suit is that due to its extreme proficiency (particularly the smart-aiming system), should it get into the wrong hands it could easily turn a group of otherwise harmless individuals into dangerous terrorists.

Hypothetical plans for future versions include:

  • An energy shield using technology similar to James' personal forcefield, but designed to surround the wearer and be sustainable for long durations.
  • Self-regeneration of damage through the use of nano-bots. The nano-bots might have other potential uses such as savaging and converting material into useful items (pending further investigation).
  • Invisibility. While some forms of invisibility are already available, finding one viable for the suit is a challenge.
  • Short-range teleportation.
  • A direct neurological connection to the wearer's brain pathways, essentially eliminating the acclimatization period and effectively paving the way to mass production.