The Shopkeeper in Imagination World

The Shopkeeper is a man of apparently Asian descent who assists James Stanfield during the events of Imagination World with ammunition or health. Not much is known about him. He also mans the counter at the Defence Mode arena. His true name is unknown, and from little anybody knows he would probably rather it remain that way.

After Imagination World, The Shopkeeper eventually resurfaces after the AMC base is built, and sets up a small shop in an old cave outside the base, near a small lake. Here he sells new weapons to the AMC Squad.



The Shopkeeper in his hideout near the AMC base.

In Imagination World the Shopkeeper supplies you with either RGL ammo, or a large health potion. He can only be used once per level.

In AMC TC, he serves a much larger role - he sells replacement weaponry for a character's main weapon. The money is taken out of the base's budget. His inventory is initially limited, but can be increased by playing through the main campaign and rescuing Matvei.

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