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Mission informationEdit

The AMC Squad's first mission involves fighting off a Cycloid attack on an EAF military facility called 'The Megabase' Their objective involves defeating the aliens and finding out why they attacked the facility.


After defeating the majority of the invading forces, the AMC Squad discover an underground facility researching a form of precognition technology, using genetically engineered octabrains. Through their research the scientists discovered the Octabrains were actually derived from another kind of lifeform the Cycloids found a long time ago.

After killing a Battlelord which had locked itself into the main precog room, the team switched the machines on and were greeted with a prediction of a disaster on Ganymede. They immediately left and made their way towards Jupiter's largest moon.



Upper base area of Megabase

The mission starts with you losing your equipment, however a pistol is found straight away. The only enemies faced on this map are Cycloids, mostly Lizard Troopers and Pig-cops. There are temporary weapons littered about in the first area, but as you make your way upwards the regular character weapons will make an appearance.

There are no armoured or super-natural enemies to be fought, so taking weapons to fight them isn't neccesary (Pig-cops have armoured vests though, so make sure to go for headshots when using a shotgun against them)


Megabase has no secret areas.

Items of interestEdit

There are several spirits located around the level if you're playing as Rusty, that will reveal some backstory if spoken to.

When you exit the initial base area into the bottom of the Canyon, you can climb up the ladder and enter the door into a small area with some items and a Liztroop major. There's a VR system Geoffrey or Mikko can use here that will open up a teleport near the gate at the bottom of the bridge, exceptionally useful on higher difficulty levels.

Inside the main base's compound, you can access the roof of the medical lab and jump in through a vent - inside is the player's Slot 9 weapon, some scientists which can be rescued and who will join the AMC's labs, and another scientist who will reveal more information about the Octabrain.

There are a few research projects found in this map. In the main white room, on the western wall of the room is the research project Medical Converter Kit. Inside the little alcove in the main reactor room near the dead technician and the dark red keycard is the Universal Constructor project.

Scattered throughout the complex is special temporary weapons. In the Med-bay there is a shrinker by a dead EDF trooper. In the Pre-Cog complex, there is a storage closet with a rocket launcher that is useful for the Battlelord. In the bathroom, you can shrink yourself and go through a grate to a locked room with a megasphere.



Canyon area of Megabase

Megabase went through several iterations before the final result. It was initially started by Highwire and James - Highwire made the base of the tech tunnel and I added some outdoor areas and such. The map sat idle for a while after that...the plot of the map was going to be about the EAF using an alien genetically modified Queen to generate electricity. The end of the map was going to be circling the base in a helicopter shooting at the giant queen (pretty much like Action Doom's ending).

Geoffrey meanwhile was originally worked on a map for his character set in a strange blizzard/storm set on Mars, and converted his FBSP3 map to the TC with a snowy theme. He then decided to merge that map with parts of Megabase, working on and improving the existing architecture. Mikko worked on the map afterwards and created the garage area with the commanders blowing up the door. For my part I created the interiors of the buildings in the main base area - the comm room, the medical bay, the reactor area, and then the Precog facility itself.

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