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The Revolution (Optional)


Highwire & James Stanfield


The Men Who Were AMC


Imperical Union



Research Projects:



0 (+ Matvei)



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The Abyss

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Mission SummaryEdit

While travelling to Mikko's Snowbase, Highwire reminisces about the revolution against the fascist regime that took place in his home country and the part he, James and Vladmir Lebedev played in it.

Note: This is an optional mission, and is not required for completing the episode.

Plot Edit

As James travels the solar system to gather members for the squad, he enters a captured EDF freighter which is commanded by Highwire and his men. He confronts Highwire as to why he left the EDF and stole the ship, who reveals that he is on a quest to liberate his home country from a fascist takeover.

As the EDF refused to take direct action, Highwire took matters into his own hands, and gathered a force of expert troops to infiltrate the palace of the fascist leader Vilmos. James agrees to help his old friend, noting that he can make the EDF turn a blind eye as he still has a favor with them.

Later, after heavy fighting in the streets, Highwire manages to successfully storm the palace and descend into Vilmos' bunker. Vilmos is ready however, and makes his last stand in an giant armored suit. He is eventually defeated, and with order being restored to Highwire's home, James finally asks him to join the AMC Squad.

Gameplay Edit

The level consists of two sections, the first being the city and the second being the bunker area, in which the boss battle takes place. The first half is played as both Highwire and James, so its of advantage to prepare the loadouts for both characters in advance.

The enemies encountered in this map are almost exclusively Imperical Union soldiers, as well as some tanks in the later half of the map.

Secrets Edit

Trv s01


Trv toolbox

Secret 2 (Toolbox)

Trv switch

Secret 02 (Broken Switch)

Trv s02

Secret 02 (Area)

  1. In the alley before arriving at the bridge, there is a ledge on the building on the right-hand side. Make your way up there, where you will find a vent which contains an AK103, grenades and an AP Slug pickup.
  2. In James' section of the map, you will find a toolbox inside the building. This toolbox can then be used to repair a broken switch outside, which disables a forcefield inside the palace. The area protected by this forcefield can later be accessed by Highwire, which will count as the secret when entered. It contains armor as well as a grenade launcher, which is invaluable for the boss battle.

Other Items of Interest Edit

  • Inside Vilmos' bunker you will encounter a soldier pleading for his life. Quickly take out the Imperical Union troops before they can execute him, then talk to him. The soldier will reveal that his name is Matvei, and as reward for saving him he will provide you with an array of 11 different weapons that can be purchased from the arms dealer at the AMC Base.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first mission that involves drivable vehicles (a tank in particular)
  • This is the first mission to involve character swapping during gameplay.
  • This is one of two missions in the game that act as character backstory, rather than being part of the ongoing plot (the other being Micky Begins).

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