A Grey timeportal

Time portals are strange anomolies that started to appear a few months after the world government takeover in Imagination World.

When stepped into, they act as transport to different timezones. Despite being called Time portals, wherether they genuienly do throw someone back or forward in time, or to seperate identical universes is unknown. Sometimes changing something effects the present world, sometimes it does not. The effects and placement of them seem arbitrary however, and it is rare to find a portal that does not serve some sort of purpose to somebody, somewhere.

The Revelion incident was triggered by Time portals; both by a experiment done by Majestic 12 and also because the Time Portals lead James to discover Magnus' plot to destroy the planet. After Revelion's demise the Time Portals seemed to fade from view; however they still remained usable only to those who shared blood with Revelion. Part of MJ12's experiment on James enabled him to still use the Time portals; people who do not have Revelion's blood can't interact or even see the time portals. Part of Mikko's entry conditions into the AMC Squad was a vial of James' blood; a phone conversation between Mikko and one of his cabinet members suggests they are trying to discover the link between the Blood and usage of the time portals.

The portals appear to be colour-coded; Grey portals fling one into the past, green ones back into that person's present, Red ones into the future, and Blue portals are one-way only. Wherether there are more colour coded portals is unknown.


Portals appear frequently throughout Imagination World episode 4, and are vital to progression. Most portals are only one way. In the AMC TC, they appear much less frequently, only once in the main campaign in the Ganymede facility. Other characters are unable to see or know of a Time portal's prescence; Only James can see and use them (this extends to multiplayer as well)

One other key difference is that portals in IW work as soon as you step close to them; in AMC TC you're required to use them before being transported.

Location Edit

Here is a list of time portals in the AMC TC and where they lead.

Episode One Edit

  • Dis Base - found in the blue keycard storeroom. Takes James back to a few days ago when Scientists were still alive and hiding

Episode Two Edit

  • Island Facility - found in reactor room. Takes James into the future where room is dilapidated, and a super armour is located.
  • Orbital Elevator - found in Garage room. Takes James into the past where Mars still had an atmosphere. Mandatory portal needed to proceed.

Misc Edit

  • Urban Dead - found to the east in front of an unoccupied building. Takes James to the past where he can sign a lease and purchase the building, turning it into an AMC base in the present (spawns allied soldiers and some weapons)
  • Castle invasion - found dotted throughout level. Simply acts as a teleporter that James can use to move between base and the battlefield quicker.