Vladir aboard the EDF Cargo ship

Vladmir is a russian soldier who fought with Highwire against the fascist state. Together they and a small team of rebels headed into the dictator's palace and toppled his command.He is a strong fighter and a capable leader, making him a natural partner to Highwire. It is believed that their past extends back when Highwire first joined the EDF; Vladmir tipped his comrade off about the coup de tat that was being planned in Russia. With the dictatorship gone, Vladmir leads the restoration of the country after the war.

Highwire and Vladmir still maintain contact, despite Highwire leaving the Country to join the AMC Squad. Phone conversations between the two often revolve around the state of the country, and Highwire's adventures in the AMC squad.



Vlad in the streets of the Revolution.

Vladmir is an ally who fights alongside Highwire in the Revolution flashback mission. His weapon is more powerful and has a higher magazine capacity than the standard rebels; his health is also much much higher. Vladmir must accompany Highwire to the Palace.

Although difficult to achieve, if Vladmir dies than a game over occurs.

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