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Mission title

Welcome to Millhaven

Level count




Main enemies fought

Cultist and Abyssal forces

Number of secrets



Rusty Nails + some assistance from James Stanfield

Mission informationEdit

Rusty must explore the remote Texas town of Millhaven and discover why it has gone silent.


Rusty discovers that Cultists have attacked the town and their leader has woven dark arts to summon abyssal forces as well as dimensional rifts throughout the area. The Cultists were apparently excavating for a subterranean red plant, and had large boxes of them stacked up for shipping to who knows were. After consulting with various spirits and making his way through the area, Rusty discovers that the leader of the Cultists was non other than his old nemesis, Dr Jekyll.

After confronting the crazed madman in the Library, Rusty had to evade strange metal spheres in a pocket dimension before unlocking access to the Church where Jekyll had fled. The two did battle, but as Jekyll fell his body transformed into a large black demonic skeleton. The two battled once more, before the creature fell. As the church burst into flames and Rusty escaped, the spirits were liberated from whatever had tied them down...but as Rusty flew away Hyde appeared on top of the ruins of the church, apparently alive once again.



The majority of enemies you'll be fighting in this map are Cultists as well as some supernatural enemies, so it would be a good idea to bring a long-distance weapon as well as perhaps body armour. There are weapons and ammo effective against supernatural enemies throughout the level, but it can't hurt to take either a silver knife or the silver bayonet for Rusty's FG42.

When you finally face Jekyll, he'll fight you in his human form first. If you use your revolvers against him, and refrain from shooting at him when he reloads (he'll reload after six shots) than when defeated in this form he'll drop a unique gun for Rusty to use (Remington revolvers) as well as giving you the Honorable duelist achievement. you'll have to quickly grab it before being teleported away to the second stage of the fight.

The second stage of the fight is a bit more difficult, as Hyde moves quickly to dodge attacks. If you have an explosive or a large radius weapon, shoot around him rather than at him - with a projectile weapon lay down a curtain of fire to ensure a hit. Hitscan weapons will be effective against him as well.


There are 3 secrets in Millhaven.


Just before the entrance to the town (near the knocked down sign that says welcome to Millhaven) there is a crack on the small ledge to it's left. You can blow this up to create a opening. Jump up this and climb up the red ladder to find a sawn-off shotgun and explosive shells. Alternatively you can jump off the initial cliff part, but you'll lose health this way.


After you've blown up the second wall to reach the library, jump on the stack of green crates to reach the top of the canyon, to the east (There are 2 pole banners with skulls on them) go over the top of the hill where you should see the angel statue from the start of the level at the far side of the cliff. To it's right and down you'll see a cave entrance that you can jump across and reach. Inside is a spirit you can talk to, a Megasphere, and the Boots of Lightstep.


Before you go into the Library, use the banister to jump up onto the balcony and then again onto the roof. You'll see a copse of trees along the top of the cliff edge - follow them around until you reach a Cultist's corpse. There is some RPG ammo here as well as the Book of Nails.

Items of interestEdit

There is a significant amount of items and equipment to find throughout Millhaven - most Caravans and buildings can be entered.

Near the first secret listed above is Rusty's Micro-uzi near a dead Triad, alongside some stacks of cash for the base budget (located just behind the wooden pillar with the Tiki face on it) Inside the building on the right side of the slope to the church is James' Auto-5 shotgun weapon. In the Church's graveyard, you can enter the tiny shed to find Merlijn's Long Axe weapon.

Jodie's bar can be entered via a small trap door behind the building's main sign. Inside is a couple of spirits and a Nailgun - outside behind the building, some more ammo can be found. Inside the nursery, there's a little step you can use to climb up into it's attic where you'll find a key. This key unlocks the basement door in the grocery room, where inside the freezer you'll find an RPG as well as some more unpleasant things.

Inside the Nursery staff house is 4 locked doors. You can only unlock 2 of them, using keys found in small dimensional pockets. The first is just inside the bathroom of the same building; the second can be found when you drop down into the chute near the Church. Both will require you to fight sorcerers, so ensure you've got a good weapon to use against supernatural enemies. Each room contains a varied selecton of items. On the way to the library, you can drop down into the water underneath the rope bridge - there is a fireshield and some Nailgun ammunition.

Inside the library's tunnels, you can use the bookshelf lit by the greenlight to reveal a first-aid item and some Tesla ammo for the Riotgun. Inside Jekyl's study room is a key just infront of the entrance, make sure to grab this. When you re-appear under the church, unlock the padlock and head back to the gunstore which is just next to Jodie's bar. The key found in the Library unlocks the front door; inside is a bunch of ammo for the Revolvers, Shotgun, and Machine-gun. Inside the basement is a bunch of cultists and a sorcerer, and a super armour for your troubles.



Millhaven originally was supposed to be one giant map, however Rusty quickly hit the wall limit - the map was then split up into two with me doing the technical work to make it happen. As time went on Rusty's job left him with little time, so I finished the map up with the Jekyll cutscenes and some minor additional areas (But the brunt of it was his work).

When the church blows up, the cross falls down into the shape of an inverted cross - this wasn't intentional at all and is a side effect of the way Duke's Build handles wall-aligned sprites with moving sectors.

The car just outside the Nursery is modeled after the car from Deathproof. If you use Rusty's shades and look at the signs throughout Millhaven, there is text super-imposed over them (from 'They Live') The Phantasm Balls are, obviously, from the Phantasm series of movies.

Originally at the start Rusty confronted a sorcerer and had a brief conversation with it, but this was cut (The sound file is still present though, as PRIEST012.OGG in the SOUND/CONV folder) There was also a codec conversation with James on top of the first cliff overlooking the town - there was to be a matching codec in For Providence showing James' side of the conversation as well but eventually both were cut as the briefing level made them redundant (File is still present as WESTCONV1.OGG in the SOUND/CONV folder)

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